Ares: lighting systems
External and indoor lighting systems
Ares specialises in creating lighting systems. Spot lights, garden lights, projectors and ceiling lights are just some of the numerous solutions that we can offer to provide lighting to any environment. We create both outdoor and indoor lighting systems. Providing light to an area doesn’t only mean to make it more visible. It means to give it value. Ares provides light to your environment. We follow all the steps in the development of the lighting systems, from choosing the raw materials, to the production and we guarantee a high level of quality.

Lighting from 1980
Our company began as producer of architectural outdoor lighting systems. After almost 15 years of experience in this field, in 1994 Ares was established, specialised in all types of lighting systems: wall fittings, floor lighting, ceiling lights, free standing and built in. The company is currently expanding and in the year 2007 it underwent further expansion. Our products are of great quality and aesthetically beautiful and creative thanks to our fine skill.

Intelligent lighting
Our lighting systems are well thought out in every detail. We choose high quality raw materials, such as aluminium, steel and glass, that for their characteristics make the final product a valuable one. The raw materials that we use are in fact pliable but resistant and they allow us to obtain any shape that our creativity may dictate, by keeping the same characteristics in the course of time. We take care of the aesthetic aspect, but we also develop the technical part to get reliable lighting systems.

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